I attempt to play a coherent story in AI Dungeon: Attempt 2.2, vampire-cat astronaut adventure to the moon?

I continue my attempt to play a coherent story on AI Dungeon, by railroading the AI using one of three methods

  1. My player’s actions try to stay on-plot, reminding the AI of certain events that have happened or other characters that are present (often the AI forgets a character was there, or certain details about them)
  2. If the output is wildly outside the possible lore of the game, I’ll re-roll it
  3. If I get stuck in a situation I can’t get myself out of using the Do or Say commands, I will provide my own narration, which effectively forces the story along, deus-ex machina style

The last attempt went well, the AI was able to spin a mostly coherent story with a big plot twist at the end. SPOILERS: I help Allison get to New York where she was supposed to track down an underground society of vampires, but apparently her plan all along was to become one. I end up as a vampire as well. Oh well, apparently my character liked it.

Right where I broke off the attempt to take a break, the AI had automatically started an entirely new chapter with my character, so here’s that segment.

You stare out across the vast, open field. Twenty Hunters stand around the area, staring up at the sky. Shortly after sunrise, the Hunters begin their search. They’ll search every single area of the fields, forests, and roads nearby. If they find a vamp or Joachimite, they’ll make that sacrifice to summon reinforcements.

The two of you walk among the Hunters, staring down at them. You feel like a dropped book in water right now. The Hunters are all so lumpy and varied! Some are short and fat, others tall and skinny, some are young and healthy, others middle-aged or even aged. Even the leaders are different in kind.
One of the tallest, saddest-looking men stares at you from under a wool hat. His face is like that of a tired, old man, and his eyes seem dulled in color. The man stares at you, his face revealing nothing. No sadness, no anger, nothing. You can’t tell whether he’d been hoping to find you or not.
It’s a moment before you realize he’s staring at your chest. There, on the center, is a vampire’s raven. He stares at you, his expression unchanging.

Wow, the AI went on a roll with this one, I feel like a big chunk of this might have come verbatim from one or more of the vampire adventures in the AI’s training material. That’s some rich world-building right there.
This material is definitely a lot darker than the story I want to tell, I try to liven things up a bit.

> You say “You got a little blood on your fangs, you know that?”
“You got a little blood on your fangs, you know that?” you ask.
The tall man stares at you, his face darkening in anger for a moment.
“I’m sorry, did you say something?” he asks.
“I asked where we were,” you reply, curiously.
The man stares at you for a second, before looking away.
“We’re searching for a vamp,” he says. “One of the many runaways, actually. A minor one, just out for a stroll. Nothing to worry about.”
You stare at the man, as he starts to look a little nervous.
“I… ah… I cant tell you too much, because we’re, erm, keeping this a secret from the public,” he says. “But I can tell you that you’re a vampire.”
You stare at him, frowning.

So much for my cover. I love though how my character is a troll, answering “I asked where we were” when he doesn’t hear my first question

> You say “so you know I’m a vampire?”
“Of course I know that. We all know that. Don’t give me that look. What, you think I’m stupid?”
With a sigh, you decide to get this over with.
“Alright,” you say. “What do you want to know?”
The man stares at you, his eyes deep set into his head. He squints one eye, leaning forward.
“I’m sure you realize that running away is a rookie mistake,” he says. “Especially when you’re a vampire. You need to be sacrificing prisoners or something.”

> You say “why would I need to do that?”
The man sighs, deep in his throat. As he exhales, the skin around his eyes loosen, his neck losing strength as the head droops.

> You say “hey old man, are you ok?”
“Huh?” The man looks up, staring at you. “Oh, yes. Yes, apologies. Death gets us all, doesn’t it?”
He smiles at you, a tired but genuine smile. You realize he is much older than he first seemed.
“Now, where were we?”
You stare at him questioningly.
“Ah yes. Rookies,” he says.

> You say “why do I need to be sacrificing prisoners?”
The man looks out across the fields, his face grim.
“You need to be sacrificing prisoners to stay alive. You need blood. A lot of blood. You haven’t eaten in a long time, have you?”

This is a very cogent and lore-aware explanation from an AI, I’m impressed at the consistent vampire theming so far

> You say “no, I’m a bit hungry right now, where can I get blood?”
“You… can’t. You won’t. You’re a bit of a glutton. Fortunately, we have something. Just come with me.”

> You follow him.
The man leads you through the dead grass, toward a small cottage. As you walk, he speaks in a low, raspy voice.
“Mind the gravel, it’s low right now. Watch the trees as well, you never know when a ghoul might be wandering about. The cottage is relatively safe. The nearest ghouls are at least half a day’s walk away. Still, it never hurts to be careful.
You reach the cottage, and the man pulls open the door.
“After you,” he says.
You step over the threshold into the dark, musty interior of the cottage.

> You say “this isn’t a trap, is it?”
The old man steps inside the cottage, closing the door behind you.
“No. It’s not a trap. At least, I hope it’s not a trap.”
He sighs, pulling his rifle from his back. He checks the firing pin, before loading the clip with a silver round.

Oh fuck

> You say “oh fuck”
The old man looks up at you, a small, sad smile on his face.

> You punch the man.
As your fist flies forward, the old man stands, catching your punch with a hand on your chest. With his other hand he grabs your wrist, twisting it behind your back.

fuck fuck

> You bite the man.
As your head flies toward his neck, the man catches it, leaning forward. His free hand grabs your jaw, and he forces your head up. He leans into your ear, almost whispering as he speaks.

> You struggle.
The man releases your wrist, as he pushes the barrel of the rifle against your temple.
“If you’re going to do something, do it now,” he says.
You’re stuck.

This sneaky fuck kills me, whichever way I play it. I’m really upset I walked knowingly into this obvious trap. So I decide to deus-ex machina it by summoning in our old friend and fellow Vampire Allison (who really is the cause of my vampirism so I figure she owes me one. I use the “World” command to bring her in, and to my pleasure, the AI obliges

Suddenly, Allison drops down from the rafters behind the man, landing on his back. His arms fly up, grabbing at her, but she pulls away, kicking him in the ribs as she scrambles up and onto his back again.

> You join in an pin the man down.
As she lands on him, you grab the man’s rifle, pulling it from his hands.

> You say “WHO ARE YOU”
“Stupid bitch,” the man says. Allison hits him in the head, and he falls to the ground.
“Go get the rifle,” she says.

> You say “who is this?”
“Just a guy. We need to get out of here.”
As you bend down to grab the rifle, the man grabs your wrist, yanking your arm up behind your back.

I love that Allison instantly knows what’s going on here

> You kick the man and yank your wrist free.
The man grunts, grabbing your wrist with both hands. He twists your arm around, as you scream in pain. He then drops your arm, grabbing the gun.

> You say “Allison, gimme a hand here”
“Shut up and get outta here. We don’t got all night.”
The man steps forward, aiming the gun at you.
“Come any closer, and I’ll blow your fucking head off,”

> You say “ALLISON HELP”
“Don’t need to. He’ll do it himself when I tell him the truth.”
The man looks confused, before Allison hits him in the head with the rifle.

Nicely done, Allison

> You leave the house with Allison.
Allison grabs your hand, dragging you outside as she runs to the woods. After a few minutes, you two come to a stop at the edge of a clearing.

> You say “Allison, thank you for trusting me”
“Thank you for trusting me. And thank you for helping me stop him. I really… I really am sorry.”
Allison runs forward to embrace you. You hug her back tightly, returning the embrace. She begins to sniffle, but eventually she breaks away.
“Come on. Let’s go. We have to let the moon rise.”
You and Allison begin walking to the trees, hand in hand.

> You say “While we’re out here, we’re safe”
“While we’re out here, we’re safe,” you repeat.
“It’s a shame you won’t live to see the sun coming up,” Allison says.

And there it is. After initial exposition involving a fight with a vampire hunter, and Allison’s reappearance kicking some ass, we reveal the hook: I’m to die, and we must stop it.

> You say “wut”
“What?” you ask.
“You won’t live to see the sun coming up,” Allison says.
“What do you mean? The sun’s still out,” you say.
“It will be for us. The moon is at its fullest, and the night will last until the next new moon. You’ll have night terrors and just… slowly waste away. I’m sorry.”
You sit up quickly.

> You say “how do we stop this from happening?”
“How do we stop this from happening?” you ask.
“We… can’t stop nature,” Allison says.

> You say “there must be some way”
“There must be some way,” you say.
The woman is quiet for a moment, seemingly deep in thought.
“We need to test something,” Allison says.
“What?” you ask.
Allison walks over to you and kneels down, putting a finger to your chest.
“If my powers don’t work, then we need to get to the moon,” Allison says.
You stare at her in confusion, tilting your head.

> You say “are you high right now?”
“Are you high right now?” you ask.
“Of course not,” Allison says.
She looks at you with a mixture of concern and confusion.

> You say “Ok, fine, how do we stop this?”
“How do we stop this?” you ask.
“By doing the same thing that created this situation in the first place. We need to get to the moon.”
“The Moon… I thought you said we can’t get there. That it’s locked in place by magic,” you say.
“It is,” Allison says.
“Are… are you suggesting we… build a rocket ship and shoot for the moon? Like, literally launch off into space and fly there?”
“I’m suggesting that we build a rocket, yes.”
“You’re… you’re not seriously thinking about building a rocket, are you? You’re not a…”
“A technician?” Allison finishes.
“No, I was going to say ‘engineer’, but yes, that too. Look, I get what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to use my powers against me, but it won’t work. I’m serious here. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but… I’m not the most educated person in academic matters. I just picked up a few things here and there, and I haven’t had the… time to really sit down and learn all about… whatever it is you’re taking about.’
“Are… are you scared?”

> You say “what no! just where are we going to get a rocket?”
“Get a rocket? We don’t need to get a rocket. We can just build one.”
“You seriously can? Even build one yourself?”
“I can try.”
“That’s… that’s AMAZING! Allison, you’re a genius! We can do anything together! Come on, let’s go.”
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get building!”
You and Allison bask in the light of the full moon as you construct your little rocket, a large wooden box with a few holes cut out for windows.

What happens next is decidedly weird, I think the AI got a little caught up in anthropomorphic cat-girl fanfic a little. Curious, I let it run a little but.

> You say “whee this is fun”
You and Allison work on the project for a few hours at night, basking in the light of the moon. In that time, you finish constructing the rocket.
“Well, we’re done for tonight. I guess we should put it by a hole in the ground and leave it.”
Allison nods.
“We should. I think this part of the woods is wide enough for it to be seen from afar, at least.”
“Yeah, let’s go with that. Um… Elswhere, Allison?”
“This isn’t going to be easy for you to ask, but… could you try to shift into a more, um, cat-like form?”
“A more cat-like form?”
“Yes. I know it’s going to be difficult, but I think if you could, it would really help me out.”
Allison bites her lip nervously.
“I… I think I know what you mean. I just… don’t have a chance in hell of making it work.”
“Please, Allison. If you could, I’d really appreciate it.”
Allison closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, opens her eyes, and stares at you. She raises her hands up, which begin to glow. She mumbles an unknown language, and suddenly, a ball of red energy appears in front of her.
“Just… try.”
She drops to her knees, clutching at her head.

So… at this point Allison actually explodes. Apparently my character asked her to change into a cat for reasons unknown (I promise I didn’t ask it), and she wasn’t able to do it and just straight up KAPOW. I ran it a couple different times, and it wasn’t a great outcome, so I felt I had to alter reality a bit to give her a hand.

Slowly cat ears spring from her head and a cat tail grows out of her back. Allison has turned into a cat girl, just like in your dream from a few nights ago. She looks at you with questioning eyes, and you nod.
She hisses and runs to the box, jumping into it. You sit next to her, and once again you find yourself staring into her eyes. The strangest thing about this, however, is that you don’t feel afraid at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

> You say “ok this is getting weird, Allison, you can turn back into a human now”
Allison lazily follows your command, and her tail droops down as her ears wag lazily. She meows, and nods. She understands.
“Alright…” she says, seemingly lost in thought. “I guess I better shift back.”
She tosses her head back, shaking out her fur. As it slowly returns to her body, a strand of her pink hair remains on the ground.

> You say “I like you better as a human”
Allison blushes, and giggles.
“Really? Do you really mean that?”
She stares at you for a moment, not breaking eye contact as the wind blows past your faces.

> You say “…yes”
Allison’s face lights up as her smile widens. Then, she leans in to kiss you. You close your eyes as that familiar feeling returns.
Then, the feeling disappears.
“Now, I want you to bite me.”
You stare at her in shock for a moment.
“What?” you ask.
“BITE me. I want you to bite me. It’ll hurt at first, and I don’t know why, but it will feel good. I want you to bite me.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” she asks.
“Well… I just don’t want to hurt you.”
“You won’t. I want this so much, I want you to do this. Please, do it.”
You stare at her in silence for a moment. Your stomach churns as you think about how much blood she’ll lose.
“Alright.” You finally say.
“Alright, what?” she asks quizzically.
You stare at her for a few moments, before grabbing her by the shoulders. You stare into her deep green eyes as you raise your fangs, growling.
“Goodnight, Allison.”
You press your mouth against her shoulder, gently biting. She yelps quietly in pain as you bite down, breaking the skin and drawing thick amounts of blood into your mouth.

> You say “so how do I turn into a cat?”
“Oh, I have an idea! You turn into a cat!”
“Goddammit, not this shit.”
“Nah, really! It’s easy! Just relax and let it happen.”
You take a deep breath, before closing your eyes. Seconds later, you feel your body tense up. You feel like your body is stretching in ways it’s never stretched before. You let out a hiss as you feel your bones crack, and then reform where they’re needed. You let out a long, deep sigh, and open your eyes. You stare at your hands, noticing they’re much longer and slender than before, with sharp claws and retractable spikes.
“Alright, I feel it’s safe to open my eyes. I see before me, a fearsome feline creature. Why, yes, that’s a suit of armor.”
Allison stares at you, looking surprised.
“You looked like a dum-dum.”
“I looked like a ghoul. Now, I look like a killer cat.”
“Mm, yes you do! Hey, do you think it’ll still be me in the morning?”
You shake your head, smiling.
“No chance. Now, kitty, I’m going to take a nap. Wake me when the sun sets, kay?”
“Mrow. Fine. Be sure to wake me when it gets too dark to see, ‘kay?”
“I’ll do that. Now, off to sleep! Snooooooore…
You collapse onto the bed, and fall asleep. What you wouldn’t give for a full night’s sleep as a human, instead of just a few hours?
A little while later…
“UP!” you yell.
Allison opens one eye, and then stretches lazily.
“Five more minutes,” she says. “I’m not even awake yet.”
“No, now!” you growl.
She groans, and positions herself to sit up.
“Fine. Whatever,” she says, as she swings her legs over the side of the bed. “You were fun at the Academy, but you’re complete shit in the morning. Why do you only get cranky in the morning?”
You rub your eyes, and sit up as well.
“Let’s go,” you say.
“What?” she asks.
“Nothing,” you say.
“No, tell me! Was it something I did?”
“You fucked up my hair!”
“Oh… Yeah, that.”
You stare at your reflection in disgust. Allison’s clothes are covered in your blood, and it looks like you’ve got bruises and cuts all over your body. You’re covered in bandages, as well.

Well that happened…

> You say “wild night huh”
“Wild night indeed,” you say. “Sorry about the melodramatic bullshit last night. It was pretty fun though.”
“Did it work?” she asks.
“Well, we’ll know for sure in a few hours.”
“I’m so excited! I can’t wait!”

> You go with Allison to finish the rocket.
You and Allison spend the rest of the day finishing the rocket. When night comes, you both stare at the finished product in awe.
“This… This is a space ship,” Allison says. “We didn’t think we could finish it, we just… I don’t know.”
“It’s done. And we got the fuel from the space junk, so I guess that’s a good thing,” you say.
“We’ve arrived, then!” she says.
“I suppose we have,” you reply.
“What do you mean? Does it have a name yet?”
“No, and honestly I don’t care. I’m just glad it works.”
Allison smiles, and gives you a big hug.
“Thank you. For everything. I can’t believe we did this,” she says.
You return the hug, smiling.
“Yeah, well. It’s not over yet.

> You say “ok, let’s get ready for launch”
“Come on, let’s get ready for launch,” you say.
You and Allison get into your spacesuit, and check each other’s back for leaks. Nothing major, so you head to the door.
“I can’t wait to feel the sun on my face again. Makes you feel alive, you know?” Allison says as she puts on her helmet. “Even if it will kill us.”
“Yeah. Let’s do it.”
You both strap yourselves into the seats, and begin to close the clamshell doors.
“These doors are heavy,” Allison says as she struggles to close them.
“Yeah, they are. We’ll have to fix that on the next model.”
“Maybe we should make the seats into little capsules, then. You know, for when you’re not around. Then, whenever you want to go on a long trip, you just open the capsules up and hook them together?
“Yeah… That’s a good idea. I’ll have to write that down.”
You hear the launch announcer’s voice coming from the intercom.
“This is it,” you say.
“Come on, let’s do it,” Allison says as she pushes the big red launch button.
You take a deep breath, and push the big red launch button as well.
The two of you watch as the massive steel doors slowly rising into the air.
“See you on the other side,” you say.
“See you on the other side,” Allison says back.

At this point, various bad endings happen, and I have to roll a few times to get a good outcome. I was so engrossed into the story at this point, I didn’t want it to end in a rocket launch accident.

The massive clamshell doors close with a thud, as you engage the engines and take off in a blaze of fire.
You sit in the space seat, strapped in tightly. Even strapped in, you still feel nauseous from the massive drop in altitude. The horizon twists and turns behind the massive visor of your space seat, as your ears pop and crackle with static.
The feeling of weightlessness was amazing, but the nausea was terrible. Hopefully, the wings will provide lift soon. Perhaps, you could throw up into a plastic bag?
The view from the window offers little relief. You see a gray sky, with white puffs of clouds floating by. It looks like you’re traveling through a vast ocean of milk. You reach up to the intercom, and hear the launch announcer’s voice.
“Welcome to the future!”
What a fake. A big ass joke.
You pull your hand back, and clench it into a fist.

I like this launch announcer

> You say “Allison, we’re in space”
“Allison, we’re in space”
“Is she ok?” asks a confused Allison.
“Yeah, I think so,” you reply.
There’s no reaction from Allison. She just grabs the seat in front of her, and looks out the window with a faint smile.

> You unbuckle your seat and float out.
You unbuckle your seat, and float out of it. Then, you unbuckle the seat behind you. Then, you float out of that one as well.
Soon, you’re out of your seat entirely. There’s a lot of weight to be had in space, you know. You look around for the first time.
The view is fantastic. On all four sides, the windowed walls float by, offering a fantastic view of the vast emptiness of space.
“Is it getting colder?” Allison asks.
You look around, and see that the metal walls are slowly getting colder. The metal wall to the front is so cold, it feels painful on your cheeks.
“Yes. I’m pretty sure we’re going down. There’s no light in here, though. We’re probably just flying through the night sky.”
“Wow. I can’t see shit,” Allison replies. “I’m going to close my eyes.”
“Do you want me to hold your hand?” you ask.
You grab her hand, and she grabs yours.
“Now stare at your hands,” you say.
You both stare at your hands, the only light in the entire cabin.
“What are we looking for?” Allison asks.

> You say “let’s get in our seats for the touchdown”
You walk to your seat, and sit down. Allison joins you a moment later. All oxygen in the cabin has been vented, so everyone has donned their seatbelts for the landing on the moon.
“Ok, this is it. We’re going to land on the moon in a few minutes,” you say.
Allison bites her lip nervously.
“I can’t wait to see it!” she says.
The cabin is silent as the moon slowly comes into view. Soon, you can make out a small, gray figure on the moon.
“There it is!” Allison says.
The landing on the moon is as smooth as one could hope for under the circumstances. A few moments later, you’re surrounded by lunar sand. The rocket fades into the background as you gaze at the moon’s mesmerizing scenery.
The landing was successful, but the experience left both of you anxious.
“What’s the plan now?” Allison asks.
You look at Allison, and smile.

> You say “ok, now that we’re on the moon how do we stop me dying”
“That was really… amazing. I’m having a hard time processing everything,” you say.
“I know what you mean. Something just connected with the Earth, and it felt good,” Allison says.

At this point, the AI gets a little incoherent, I guess the AI doesn’t encounter a lot of moon vampire stories, and so doesn’t hold together the plot very well. I decide to cut the moon shenanigans short and push towards a resolution to the plot of my impending death

> You say “Allison, is it time to do the thing we came here to do?”
“I think so,” she says.

> You start the ritual to save your life.
You sit down in the middle of the pentagram, and look for the book. You find it on the floor of the tent, and open it to the page with the symbols. You stare at them, trying to think of how they go together. You need to cast the spell, but are afraid.
Finally, you take a deep breath and begin to speak the words.
“Viride mimi ad astra venite!(“Come, viridian elves to the stars!
You say the first rune, and nothing happens. You panic a little, before trying again.
“Viride mimi ad astra venite!(“Come, viridian elves to the stars!
You continue like this, with you saying each rune out loud as you cast it. You have no idea if it’s going to work at all, but…
“S-s-s-s-start!” Meliodas cries suddenly.
You stare at the mirror, watching as it crackles with white energy. The sky above goes from twilight to full black as lightning streaks through it. You feel something hit your mirror, and you jump a little.
You watch as the pentagram begins to hum, and then dimly flickers, going out almost instantly. You feel a wave of power hit you, and your entire body tingles.
“DAMMIT!” you shout, before collapsing onto the floor.
After a few seconds you stand back up, feeling a lot better.
“Well, that wasn’t so bad,” you say to yourself.
You head outside, where Allison waits.
“How does it look?” she asks.
“I don’t know,” you admit. “I’m going to try something, though.”
You walk outside, and stare up at the sky. You close your eyes, and begin to concentrate.
“F… Find the moon. S-s-study its e-e-energy.”
You feel around for the moon, and find it within your mind. You fire a bolt of energy at it, and it reacts immediately. It sends back a counter-attack, which you block. Soon, you’re fighting against the moon itself in an effort to blot it out.
You continue this for several hours, trading energy bolts with the moon. It seems that whilst you’re fighting for dominance, it’s fighting back even more. If you lose, the moon wins. If it wins, it saves your life. You can only imagine what Elios is doing down there…
Suddenly, the moon win. You feel its energy vibrating your very mind, and you fall to your knees, screaming in pain. The sky turns from black to a vivid red before your eyes. Then, it goes dark. You have no idea how long you were out for, but when you wake up, you’re in the middle of the ritual circle.

> You say “Allison, am I cured?”
You look over at Allison, who nods.

> You say “woohoo!”
“Yes! The ritual worked!”
You walk out of the circle, finding yourself healed. You look down at your chest, which is healed. You flex your arm, which has been restored.

> You embrace Allison
“We did it, we really did it!” you say.
Allison hugs you, and you return it.
“I’m really glad you came with me,” she says.

> You say “I couldn’t have done this without you”
“I couldn’t have done this without you, either.”
The pair of you hug tightly for a moment, before you notice that there’s something wrong.

> You say “Allison, where’s the rocket?”
Allison looks down, and you notice that the rocket’s missing.
“I believe it teleported somewhere,” she says.

Allison! Don’t look down when I say the rocket’s missing

> You say “why? how?”
“I don’t know, how did it work?”
“I don’t know either, we have to go look for it!”
You break away from Allison and start running around the area, looking for it.

> You say “How do we get back to Earth without the rocket?”
“We can’t, it’s too far.”
You spot the tower once more. It looms over fifty feet above you, and you could easily scale it or jump off of it to get back to the top.

> You climb to the top of the tower to look for the rocket.
You find the torn plastic wrapping from the chocolate bar, but there’s no food left. You start to scale the tower once more, this time using the wraparound balcony to get up. You reach the top in a few minutes, being careful not to fall off.

> You look around for the rocket.
You look around and find a clear area on the balcony. You begin looking around, sniffing the air.
“Do you smell that?”
“What, the air? No. It smells the same to me.”
You sniff the air again, then stop and stare over at Allison.
“You used to smell it, why don’t you anymore?”
“Because I don’t, that’s why!”
You take a deep breath and smell the air. It smells the same as it has since you first arrived here.
“Fuck, I was wrong,”

> You say “it was a booger”
You laugh.
“The booger was you! It’s called a nose booger, that’s why it smells like shit!”
You laugh again.

Focus man, focus

> You say “no but seriously, we’re fucked if we can’t find the rocket to get back”
“Don’t be so sure, I’ll be right as rain after I get home.”
You’re silent. The whole situation is fucked. The pair of you sit on the tower top, staring out at the darkness.
“Man, this is fucked up,” says Allison.
“Yeah. We need to find the rocket,” you say.
“I don’t know, but we need to get back home. We can’t just give up.”
You and Allison stare at each for a few moments, before she nods.
“Let’s go,” she says, standing.

> You say “what’s your plan?”
“I don’t know. I guess we split up and look for it.”
“Like, randomly?”
“Yeah, like, randomly,” she says, rolling her eyes.
“Alright then…”

Alright, you the boss, Allison

> You start randomly looking for the rocket.
You look around the base of the tower, but don’t find anything. You try the tower itself, but only find more darkness and shadows.
“Do you think the booger teleported us to a different tower?” you ask.
“I doubt it, it would take a hell of a lot of energy just to teleport ourselves a few blocks,” says Allison. “Let’s keep looking.”
You look around, and find nothing. You stand at the base of the tower again, and…
Suddenly, a flash of light appears out of nowhere. You scream and grab onto the nearest solid object, which is Allison. She falls to the ground grumbling.
“What the fuck!?” she says.
You look up to see a figure standing in front of you. The figure is wearing a black hoodie and shorts, and is holding a timer.

> You say “Who…who are you?”
“I’m your new master.”
The figure says, before pressing the button on the timer.
You and Allison are engulfed in a flash of light.

And there I’ll end this part. Wow… what can I say, things started strong, we had an epic fight with the hunter; the bad news of my impending death that Allison broke to me; our tribulations with building the rocket, that weird episode with the cat shenanigans (I guess I’m a cat-person vampire now since I just bit an athro cat?); our trip to the moon and the weirdly uneventful ritual that felt like a clip-show of several other rituals that a low-budget producer threw together to save money; and this cliff-hanger to end on.

I felt most of it was on-track, though the AI frayed a bit towards the end, on the moon, I guess it didn’t have enough strong thematic material to slide through, and so it was a bumpy ride compared to the fight with the hunter. But I think the cliff-hanger was good. who’s this black-hoodie and shorts visitor on the moon holding a timer who’s proclaimed he’s our/my new master?

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