I attempt to play a coherent story in AI Dungeon: Attempt 2.2, vampire-cat astronaut adventure to the moon?

Wow, the AI went on a roll with this one, I feel like a big chunk of this might have come verbatim from one or more of the vampire adventures in the AI’s training material. That’s some rich world-building right there.
This material is definitely a lot darker than the story I want to tell, I try to liven things up a bit.

So much for my cover. I love though how my character is a troll, answering “I asked where we were” when he doesn’t hear my first question

This is a very cogent and lore-aware explanation from an AI, I’m impressed at the consistent vampire theming so far

Oh fuck

fuck fuck

This sneaky fuck kills me, whichever way I play it. I’m really upset I walked knowingly into this obvious trap. So I decide to deus-ex machina it by summoning in our old friend and fellow Vampire Allison (who really is the cause of my vampirism so I figure she owes me one. I use the “World” command to bring her in, and to my pleasure, the AI obliges

I love that Allison instantly knows what’s going on here

Nicely done, Allison

And there it is. After initial exposition involving a fight with a vampire hunter, and Allison’s reappearance kicking some ass, we reveal the hook: I’m to die, and we must stop it.

What happens next is decidedly weird, I think the AI got a little caught up in anthropomorphic cat-girl fanfic a little. Curious, I let it run a little but.

So… at this point Allison actually explodes. Apparently my character asked her to change into a cat for reasons unknown (I promise I didn’t ask it), and she wasn’t able to do it and just straight up KAPOW. I ran it a couple different times, and it wasn’t a great outcome, so I felt I had to alter reality a bit to give her a hand.

Well that happened…

At this point, various bad endings happen, and I have to roll a few times to get a good outcome. I was so engrossed into the story at this point, I didn’t want it to end in a rocket launch accident.

I like this launch announcer

At this point, the AI gets a little incoherent, I guess the AI doesn’t encounter a lot of moon vampire stories, and so doesn’t hold together the plot very well. I decide to cut the moon shenanigans short and push towards a resolution to the plot of my impending death

Allison! Don’t look down when I say the rocket’s missing

Focus man, focus

Alright, you the boss, Allison



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Yuan Gao (Meseta)

Yuan Gao (Meseta)

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