I attempt to play a coherent story in AI Dungeon: Attempt 2.1, a vampire hunting adventure

Yuan Gao (Meseta)
28 min readDec 6, 2020


I continue my attempt to play a coherent story on AI Dungeon, by railroading the AI using one of three methods

  1. My player’s actions try to stay on-plot, reminding the AI of certain events that have happened or other characters that are present (often the AI forgets a character was there, or certain details about them)
  2. If the output is wildly outside the possible lore of the game, I’ll re-roll it
  3. If I get stuck in a situation I can’t get myself out of using the Do or Say commands, I will provide my own narration, which effectively forces the story along, deus-ex machina style

The first attempt started out promising, as a noire-future-fantasy/mystery genre, complete with beasts hiding in human form, but quickly descended into NSFW territory, when a blushing lady inexplicably enters my room thanking me for “helping out last night” (ok I admit it, I could have done something to railroad the AI but chose not to).

This next attempt started as a high-school adventure, and a lot of disjointed things happened where I struggled to control the AI, though mostly happening inside a school, however at a certain point, the game seemed to fall into a groove and produced something pretty decent

The rest of the day goes by without anything happening. You don’t run into Allison again, and when class is over you leave for the day. On your walk home, you realize you don’t know where your house is.

> You say “Did I suffer a concussion in the bathroom or something? I don’t remember my own house”
You’re at a loss. You don’t remember your own address. How are you even supposed to get home? You have to ask someone for help, and who better than Allison?

The game decides I can’t find my way home, so I roll with it. And then the game decides that I should call Allison, a character who randomly appeared early on in the playthrough, though who was extremely cold to me. We got into a fight in a bathroom. Ok, I’ll roll with this and see where it goes. Will Allison warm up to me now in my moment of need? Let’s find out

> You call Allison on your phone.
You call Allison on your phone.
“Hello?” she answers.
“Allison, it’s me.”
“And who might you be?

> You say “The guy who you fought with earlier”
“And who might you be?” Allison asks.
“The guy who you fought with earlier. Tom, right?”
“Never called him that before,” Allison says.
“Well, it’s true. I fought you in the bathroom.”
“Shut up, you did not. Nobody knows that but me and Ben,” Allison replies.

“Tom” wasn’t my name in the playthrough, and I’ve never heard of “Ben”, but maybe I’m suffering memory loss right now

> You say “Look, cut to the chase. where are you right now?”
“I’m at home. Where are you?”
“I don’t know, last thing I remember was taking a piss in the bathroom…”
“Haha, yeah I know the feeling. I’m at home, we’re on the phone so you can hear for yourself.”
“Alright,” you say.
“I’m not stupid, I’m not playing any games,” you say.

Haha funny, but I really need Allison’s help to get home here… come on AI stay with me

> You say “no listen, I need some help. I’m lost”
“Yeah, so?”
“Well, I don’t know where I am and I can’t get home, I was hoping you could maybe walk me there, or at least through the area? I could give you a ride home after that.”
“Walk you home? What are you, some creepy stalker?”
“No, I just want to get home…”
“Alright, fine.

Ok, Allison thinks I’m a creepy stalker, as well she might, with me calling her up randomly and telling her I don’t remember where my home is

> You say “Can you meet my by the Café “Red Ruby’s”?”
“Yep, see you in a few then.”
Allison hangs up, and you exit the phone booth. You find yourself right by Ruby’s and enter. The waitress comes over to your immediately.
“What can I get you?” she asks.
“I’ll have a large order of chicken wings, and a diet soda.”
“You got it.”

Here I’m surprised. I made up the name Red Ruby on the spot, and the AI has rolled with it, not only that but had me enter and order food, and as the next passages show, went along with Allison coming over to find me, not something I had expected the AI to coherently follow through on

> You say “Thanks!”
You walk upstairs with the wings and drink, pacing yourself with how far you have to go. Eventually, Allison appears, as do you.

> You say “Want some wings, Allison?”
You pull out your wallet and take out a few bills, giving them to the cashier. You grab the wings and begin walking back with Allison and her drink.
“Thanks for the food,”

> You say “No worries. Look, I’m in a pickle. something happened to my memory and I don’t remember where my home is”
“You’re welcome,” she says, taking a bite of one of the chicken wings.
“Seriously, though. I really do need some help.”
“Well, we’ll see what we can do,”

> You say “Do you know where I live?”
Allison doesn’t answer.
“Well?” you ask.
“I can’t tell you that.”
“Why not?”
“It’s classified information.”
“Then what the fuck is this?”
“Classified info.”
“Fuck you, that’s the same thing! I swear to God, if you don’t tell me…”
“Don’t do anything stupid.”
“Like what?

This exchange is hilarious, there seems to be some conspiracy. Am I in the Truman show?

> You brandish a chicken wing in a threatening manner.
“Like walking up to a police officer and saying ‘Ma’am, I can’t remember where I live. Can you help me?’”
Allison bursts into laughter.
“Heh, your English is terrible,” she says. “But seriously, don’t do that.

> You say “why shouldn’t I do that? what is this? what’s going on?”
“Look, don’t do anything stupid, alright?”
“Like what?”
“Like walking up to a police officer and saying ‘Ma’am, I can’t remember where I live. Can you help me?’”

> You look at Allison weirdly.
“Wait. You….don’t look like a cop to me.”
“Do too, actually. C’mon, just walk with me, I’ll show you where all the good spots are.”

> You leave with Allison.
You walk out of the restaurant and onto the sidewalk. Allison pulls out a bat from her bag and begins fiddling with it.

> You say “what’s that for?”
“Just in case. I might get attacked by something.”
“Oh, by something.”
Allison cracks her knuckles.
“By an animal?” you ask.

> You say “is it dangerous around here? what’s going to attack you?”
“You’ll see.”
Allison pulls out her cell phone and makes a call.
“Hello, I’d like a tow please.”
She ends the call and shoves the phone back into her bag.

I don’t like how Allison isn’t explaining anything to me

> You say “er… do you have a weapon for me too?”
Allison pulls out a knife and hands it to you.
“Just in case.”
“Thanks,” you say, grabbing the knife.
Allison looks around.
“Alright, follow me.”

> You follow Allison.
You walk alongside Allison through the alleyways. She leads you up to a large, 18 wheeler truck, which is being guarded by a large, black dog. It’s the size of a small horse.
“What’s this?” you ask.
“It’s a guard dog,” she says. “It guards the trucks so the drivers don’t get attacked while they sleep.

> You say “No shit, but what’s the truck for?”
“It’s, um, mine.”
Allison reaches into her bag, and pulls out a silver wallet. She opens it up, and you see stacks of currency.

> You whistle.
“You got a wallet full of cash?” you say.
“Yeah, it’s all mine,” she replies. “I found it in my bag after I stole the wallet.”
“Well, nice!”

> You say “So you live in this truck?”
“I live in the whole club.”
“The whole club?”
“Yeah, it’s mine. I found recordings of a secret vampire society.”

This is the pivotal intro to our story: secret vampire society. It was never mentioned before until this point, but it’s too good of a hook to let be, so I decide this is the railroad I want to follow

> You say “what’s in the recordings?”
“Secret rules, locations, everything they consider important. It’s called the ‘Black Wings’.”
“What do they plan on doing with this information?
“I don’t know. Probably do bad things with it. That’s why I want to get to New York.

> You say “what are you going to do in New York?”
“Get my bearings. Then, I’m going to try and find where they’re having their meeting.
“Oh, yeah? Do you know how to get there?”
“I heard there was a tunnel that led directly underneath the road. I’m going to try and find it.”
“You don’t know how to get to the city?
“Well, I know how to get to the closest town with a highway that goes there!” she says, exasperated. “It’s called Jackson.
“And?” you ask, confused.
“And I’m going to try and hitchhike there.”
“Oh. Well, maybe I can help you get to New York later. I’ll see what I can do.”

> You hop into the 18 wheeler.
You climb into the 18 wheeler, and find a pile of couches. You lie down on one, and Allison joins you. The dog, who is awake now, joins you as well.
“Now,” Allison says, “we wait.”

> You say “Ok, for how long?”
“Two hours,” she says.
“No! That’s bullshit! If I’d known I wouldn’t have given you a ride!”
“It’s ok,” she says.

> You say “what are we going to do for two hours?”
She smiles.
“Well,” she says, “you said you’d help me get to New York.”
“I did,” you say.
“Good, because that’s where I’m going.”
“To do what?”
She bites her lip.
“Well… I don’t know… yet…”

> You say “It’s ok, we’ll figure out how to find the vampires when we get there”
“You’re really cool, you know,” she says.
“You’re really cool. Just helping me like this. I went to a lot of effort to find out…”

> You spend the next two hours chatting with Allison until the tow truck arrives.
“There he is,” Allison says, as the tow truck pulls up into the gas station. “Come on out of there.”
Allison hops out of the cab, and runs over to the driver’s side door.

> You get out and help Allison with the row truck.
You both get out of the car. The dog sleeps in the back, while in the front, there’s a duffel bag and a two-way radio.
“Let’s load everything into the truck,” Allison says. “We should probably do this in the middle of the night, so we can avoid attention.”
You walk over to the truck and climb inside.

> You say hi to the tow truck driver.
The driver is a young, bearded man with thick-lensed glasses and a stained plaid shirt.
“Hey,” he says. “What brings you two to my neck of the woods?”

> You say “We’re on our way to New York”
“God, I’m leaving soon,” he says. “Going up to Philadelphia to spend Christmas with my family. Their house is too small for me, anyway.”
“Where are you headed?” Allison asks.
“I’m driving down to Miami for a few days. Got a job working on an underwater tunnel.

> You say “Cool, let’s go, you can drop us off at Philadelphia”
“I can’t do that,” the truck driver says. “It’s against company policy.”
“What, you’re just going to leave us here?

I feel like it’s not going my way, so I try to force the issue a little

> You say “Allison, get the bat”
“I can’t leave you here!” the truck driver cries. “Please, get out of the truck. I won’t do it again.”

> You say “Allison, convince the man to drive us to New York”
Allison draws her bat, and walks over to the truck driver. Meanwhile, you pull out your phone and call the State Troopers.
“911, what is your emergency?

This sequence of events doesn’t make any sense, why would I call 911 right now? unless…

> You say “We found a truck driver injured on the road outside Red Ruby’s Café, he seems to have head injuries, please come quickly”
“Is this a real emergency?” the operator on the other end asks.

> You hang up and help Allison drag the driver out of the truck.
The operator on the other end of the line dials 911.
“We’re having an emergency!” the operator screams into the phone. “There’s a murder in progress!”
“I’ve found the tow truck,”

> You jump into the tow truck with Allison and drive away.
You both step into the tow truck and start driving, with the tow truck driver following close behind.

Allison! You screwed up!

> You say “What? did you not knock him out? he’s following us”
“I knew I should’ve left him there,” Allison says. “Fuck!”
The tow truck driver swerves in and out of traffic in an attempt to catch up to you.
“Look out!” Allison cries.

> You swerve to avoid the old lady crossing the road.
The tow truck slams into your car, demolishing it in an instant.
“Noooo!” she screams.

> You crawl out of the wreckage.
Your body broken and bloody, you crawl away from the wreckage. You find yourself at the edge of a cornfield, but the tow truck isn’t anywhere to be seen.
“Shit!” Allison groans.

> You say “Allison, I think I fucked up”
“I think our cover got blown,” she groans. “Come on, we need to go.”
You crawl over to the car and open the back door.

> You say “Do you think this’ll still run?”
The engine of the car sputters to life.
“Come on, get in!”
You both climb into the backseat as the engine revs.
“I think we escaped a just a little too late,” you say.
You throw the car in reverse, fishtailing out of the parking lot and onto the road.
“Fuck, I can’t see anything!” Allison says.
“I can barely see anything!”

> You barely hold onto the wheel as the car shoots forward
“Jesus had the strangest sense of humor,” you say. “He died on a cross, yet his followers worship him as if he was a god.”
“Yeah? Well so did the Sanhedrin.”

> You say “Huh?”
“Fuck you, you’re no Christian,” she says, as the car swerves onto the road with a shriek of tires.

> You grab the wheel and try to steady the car.
The car fishtails across the road, and into the grass. “You try driving,” Allison says.
“I don’t want to get pulled over by the State Troopers.”
“Pull it off the map,” she says.
“What? What do you mean?”
“There’s a website called Waze. Search for roads in the town we’re passing and delete the one we’re on from the map.”
You pull up the app and search “roads in town”, and a long list of roads appears. You look at the one you were on and see that it’s called “Rte. 95”.
“Delete this one?” you ask.
“Yeah, that’s the one. There’s also a website called Spoke Lines. Just post something saying you’re lost and ask for directions to some place. I’ll take over from here.”
You turn off the car and sit back, as Allison takes over driving.

Apparently she doesn’t like my driving

> You let Allison drive.
Allison takes the freeway south and you follow behind, watching her carefully. Her eyes are glued to the road and she’s gripping the steering wheel tightly.
“You should’ve let me take over,” she finally says.

> You say “I’m sorry ok? I had no idea you were so good”
She looks in the rearview mirror and glares at you.
“It wasn’t that big of a deal,” she says. “My dad taught me all about cars when I was your age.”

> You say “MY age? I’m older than you”
She turns around and looks at you in the eye.
“By one year,” she says.
Before you can say anything, she turns around and looks at the road.

> You sulk for a bit.
You stare out the window, getting more and more annoyed. Your leg bounces up and down, and you play with your ring, counting off the miles as they pass: 75, 76, 77, …

> You say “Are we there yet? are we there yet?”
“Shut up,” Allison says. “Quit asking stupid questions.”
Allison drives for a while longer, and finally you see a giant parking lot.
“We’re here,” she says.

I loved this sequence, Allison’s deadpan “By one year” deliver, and how the AI is responding to me being deliberately annoying

> You cheer
“Thanks for the ride,” you say. “We really appreciate it.”
“No problem,” she says.
She pulls into the empty parking lot of a 24-hour gas station/ mini-mart.

> You head into the mini-mart to buy some snacks.
You enter the mini-mart, and the lights are pretty dim. The mini-mart is open twenty-four hours, and is currently serving as a power generator.

> You grab some snacks.
There’s some old milk and stale donuts on the counter. You grab two milk crates worth of snacks and pay for them, then leave.
“Thanks,” Allison says. “I’ll eat them on the way.”

> You help Allison fill up the car with gas.
Allison walks inside the mini-mart and comes back with three cans of gas. She pops them into the hatch and the gas stops sputtering.

Allison, I’m not sure you understand how a gas station works

> You shrug and get into the car.
Allison punches the address into the GPS. It tells you the address is 18 minutes away, but you have to go 65 mph to make it in 15 minutes.

> You say “Ok, let’s get to New York!”
Allison punches the address into the GPS. It tells you the address is 8 minutes away, but you have to go 65 mph to make it in 6 minutes.
“Are you ready?” she asks.

> You say “Yes! let’s go”
The car drives out of the gas station.
“What’s your plan when we get there?” you ask.
“I have no idea,” Allison says.

Here I have to remind the AI that we’re going to New York, and what we’re there for. Without it, the AI tended to put me on an infinite road trip, which wasn’t as fun

> You say “Ok, I think we should lay low for a while and see if we can make contact with the vampire group. See if anyone’s heard anything about them”
“Yeah, I was thinkin”
Allison spends the next few hours telling you about her boring high school life. You spend the time telling more lies about your boring life. By the end of it, you realize you’ve told her 34 lies and she told you 4.

> You say “Do we have a place to stay when we get to New York?”
“I don’t know,” Allison says.

> You say “I have a cousin who lives there, do you want to see if we can crash at her place?”
“Sure,” she says.
Allison tells you the address, which you write down.
“Do you want to listen to music?” she asks.

> You say “Ok, what music do you have?”
“I have a wide variety of music,” she says.
She begins searching through her bag, and pulls out her IPod. She skips to a song and increases the volume, then grabs the headphones.
“I’ll listen to it,” you say.
You put the open headphones in your ears and start to rock out to the beat. Allison smiles and bounces her knee up and down.

> You say “This is good”
“This is great!” Allison says.
“You like this song?” you ask.
“I love this song! It’s my dream to be a musician one day.”

> You say “Yeah? What instrument do you play?”
“I was planning to be a plumber, but I think I might change my mind and become a musician instead,” she says.
“That’s cool. You should do what you want. That’s why you should listen to music,” you say.
“I know. My parents are going to be totally against it though.”
“Well, don’t they have any influence on your decisions? Like, do you have any control over your decisions?”
“Well…I had some say in my choice of major, but that’s about it.”
“Well, you need to make more say in your day to day life. You need to stand up for what you want. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me.”

This is a nice emotional connection moment, as our two characters bond. I next make a reference to my character earlier on in the story where I hung around the school not doing much

> You say “I bum around school. I’m a professional”
Allison laughs.
“That’s not what I mean. I mean, you need to be proactive in your life. You should stand up for yourself. Be assertive.
“Well, I tried that once, and it didn’t work out so well,” you say.
“What do you mean? You’re obviously successful in some way.

I try to divert the AI’s attention away from my character’s backstory, but it doesn’t work

> You say “Let’s not make this about me”
“No, let’s make this about you. What do you mean, you were assertive and it didn’t work out?

> You say “You were there, Allison. In the bathroom earlier, you stormed off”
“It’s fine, I guess. I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Are you ok?”
Allison starts to get teary eyed.

> You say “Fuck”
“Shut up,” Allison says.
Allison takes the headphones out of her ears and throws them on the floor. The tears stream down her face as she tries to stop them from falling. You stay silent.

> You let her drive in silence until you reach New York.
“Thank you,” Allison says as she gets out of the car.
“For what?” you ask.
“Thank you for listening. I needed to talk and I didn’t know anyone at school.”

> You say “Ok. I texted my cousin, we can crash at his place and plan our next move”
“Ok. Let’s go.”
You and Allison get back into the car, and drive off to your cousin’s house.Your cousins opens the door and stares at you both.
“Oh it’s you two,” he says.

> You say “Hi, long time no see. Mind if we stay a while? I promise we’re not up to weird shit”
“Uh, hold on. I have to tell you guys, I thought one of you would be up to weird shit.”
Your cousin walks into the foyer while you and Allison wait in the living room.

> You say “Well this is awkward”
“It’s fine. Come in,” he says as he closes the door.
Allison and you sit on the couch while your cousin comes into the room. He stands in front of you both looking down at you.

> You say “So, this is Allison. Allison this is my cousin whose name I didn’t make up”
“So, you’re the girl who ended up in the bathroom fight with my cousin,” he says.
“I was in the bathroom from three to five.”
“Whatever. Tell me about yourself. I’ll only ask you once.”
Allison looks at you for help, but you just shrug.
“I grew up in a small town called Wellwater. It’s in Missouri. It’s boring as hell. I had no life before this, but I’m sure you already knew that.”
“That’s it?” she asks.
“Yeah,” you say.

I’m surprised the AI remembered about the bathroom fight. In the next few passages, the AI was on a roll, pulling up a whole backstory, I let it go on for a bit

> You clap your hands. “Ok, story time’s over, let’s go to our rooms!”
“Shut up, Emma,” your cousin says.
“Bye Allison!” your cousin says as he walks past you and into his room.
You look at Allison who shrugs her shoulders.

> You go to the spare room with Allison.
As you sit in the dark room, Allison begins to talk.
“So, you go to Wellwater? What high school did you go to?”
“It’s a small town. I went there.”
“What high school were you in?”
“I don’t know, high school. What difference does it make? But you’re asking all these questions, I think it’s best if we just got to know each other.
“Well I don’t know anything about you. Where were you born?”
“I was born in St. Louis, but my family lived in a town called Wellston, until I was six. I was too young to really remember anything before that, but they say Wellston had a nice small town feel to it.”
“What about your parents?”
“I never knew my father. He left before I was born. My mother is a cleaning lady in Wellston. She has been ever since she got out of high school.”
“So what do you do all day?”
“I clean houses, mostly.”
“What do you mean?”
“I do it for people. Sometimes I’ll do some yard work or babysit if someone needs a day off or something. Sometimes I try to get a job at McDonalds, but they always need more people and it never works out for me. Mostly I just sit around and do nothing.”
“That’s pretty damn boring. Have you ever thought about doing something else?”
“Like what? I’m not smart enough to handle an office job, I don’t have a college degree, I suck at school, I don’t like interacting with people, I’m afraid of my own shadow, my voice trembles when I get too excited or scared and I have terrible acne. What the hell would I do in the big city?”
“You seem pretty resourceful to me.”
“Yeah, but that’s different. I grew up here. I’m used to it. I’m not gonna leave.”
“What about your dreams?”
“What about them?”
“Well, what would you like to do? I mean, what Fields would you like to work in?”
“I don’t know,” Allison says with a shrug. “I guess I just like to cook and clean houses. Maybe I should become a hotel maid…or an Uber driver.”
“Maybe you need to take a risk.”
“I’m afraid.”
“I’ll protect you.”
“You’ll protect me?”

> You say “We’re in this together, you and me. find those vampires”
“Well, how are we going to do that?” Allison asks.
“I’ve got a plan, but I want you to trust me.”
“Alright. I trust you.”
“Don’t interrupt,” you say. “Now, we need to get those vampires out in the open.”
“I’m sure they have a few weaknesses. One of them is certain types of music. I think we should start targeting clubs and bars, play the worst songs we can find, and when they start dancing, drag them out and kill them.”
“What if they just refuse to dance?”
“You just keep them dancing. If they don’t want to be killed, they’ll comply.”
“That seems like a waste of good music,” Allison says.
“Let them have the classical music lovers. We got the night, and we’re going to make the most of it. Now get the tape deck, I want to hear some U2. Join me?”
“Sure. I’ll go get the tape deck.”
Allison leaves and you wait for a minute, before going into the next room, closing the door, and opening up your laptop.

Wow, musical vampires. Here if I didn’t stop the AI, it would continue at length about plans to find vampires with music, so I try to railroad it into moving things along with a “world” command instead of the usual “do” or “say” commands

You start googling “How 2 find vampire, tutorial” and pick the first website that comes up. You’re not exactly sure what you’re getting yourself into, but you’ve been holding out on these guys for years, and now it’s time to give some back. You just hope you survive this.
“OK, so here’s what you do. You…”
You get interrupted by the door opening.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Allison asks.

> You slam the laptop shut, “uhh….nothing?”
“No!” you say, quickly.
Allison comes over and looks at the laptop.
“What do you mean, no?”
“Nothing! Just, um, finishing up something….related to the case.”
“I see,” Allison says.
Allison looks at you for a moment, as you stare back. Finally, she looks away and says:
“Let’s go.”
You nod quickly and shut the laptop. You head over to the CD rack and pretend to search for a song. All the while, you’re watching Allison out of the corner of your eye. When she gets closer, you pretend to look at the track listing for the disc.
“What’s this one?” Allison says, pointing to U2’s One.
“One?” you say, looking up. “I don’t know. Um…they’re a heavy-metal band from the eighties.”
“Yeah, really.”
“Oh,” Allison says, seeming disappointed. “I used to have it on a tape, but my dad said it was too vulgar and he erased it.”

> You say “Then let’s play it”
“Yeah, let’s do it.”
You put the disc into the stereo and push the button to begin playing it. The opening notes of One begin to play, and you wait for one of the vampires to appear.
“This one?” Allison asks, as the song gets loud.
You nod, and Allison turns it up. Soon, you can barely hear anything else, and the room begins to fade away. The rest of the house, the street, hell, even the entire city is nothing but a distant memory by the time the song ends.
“I really liked that tape,” Allison says, as U2’s “One” finishes.
“Yeah, me too,” you say. “How do you feel about Ozzy Osbourne?”
“Ozzy Osberry. He’s another heavy-metal….”
You continue going through the heavy-metal songs, but as you go through each one, none of them hold the interest of the vampire tunes. It’s only once you get to the hard-rock songs that the night truly takes off.
“So….” you start to say, looking for something slow.
“I really liked that one too,” Allison says, referring to the song.
You sigh, and begin searching for more music. Soon enough, you come across a tape with the letter “E” tape with music on it. It reads:


For You

By Drake

“What’s this?” you ask.
“I don’t know,”

“Breathtaking” by Drake?

> You play Breathtaking by Drake.
You quickly get the tape out, push the button to begin playing it and sit down in your recliner. As the opening notes of “Breathtaking” play, you feel yourself getting sleepy. Soon, your head is lying against the back of the chair and you’re drifting off….
“Wake up, wake up!”
You slowly open your eyes and find Allison kneeling by your knees, shaking you.
“Wake up, we have to go!”
Your eyes snap open and you sit up. You look at Allison, who is standing in front of you, and quickly stand.
“Quick, open it!” she says, pulling the tape out of the machine.
You reach for it as she hands it to you, and your hand touches something hot.
“Hey, that’s hot,” you complain, taking it from her.
You put it into the machine, sit down and hit “play,” as Allison begins pulling on your hands.
“Come on, let’s go!”
“Go?” you ask. “What about the tape?”
“You can get another copy,” she says, pulling you to your feet. “Come on, we have to go!”
You stand, and you realize that your feet are numb. You’re not sure if it’s from the tape or not, but you don’t really care. You follow Allison into the foyer and outside.
“We have to go,” she says. “We don’t have time to look for it.”
You quickly get into the car, and Allison starts driving.
“Where are we going?” you ask.
“There’s a house party up the road,” she says. “We can go look for the tape there.”

> You say “You think the vampires will be there?”
“Maybe,” Allison says. “But it’s the only place we can go.”
You don’t say anything, and Allison continues to drive. Soon, you pull up to the party.

> You throw an arm around Allison and enter the party.
“Come on, let’s go inside,” you say.
Allison smiles and nods, and you walk into the house. As you step into the foyer, you feel a sharp pain in your neck. You clutch it and nearly collapse, but a strong hand grabs you and pulls you upright.
“Boys, go find something to drink,” a girl says, pushing you away. “Leave the girls alone.”
You look up and see a girl you recognize as the popular one from your social-life team. She’s pretty, with long brown hair and a nice body.

Uh oh

> You say “You vampire! you just bit me”
“No, I didn’t,” she says, giggling.
You glare at her, but she just stares back.
“Come on, I need alcohol,” she says.

> You say “Look at my neck! it bleeds”
She looks at your neck, and slowly reaches up to touch it.
“Ooh… that looks so sexy. I love a man who can suffer.”

> You say “Bite me again you vampire minx”
She laughs again, and walks away.
“Fine, I’ll bite you,” she says. “Now, come with me, baby.”
With that, she walks into a room upstairs. You’re in no condition to do anything at all, which is a problem, since you can’t just stand here without something happening.
Fortunately, the pain in your neck disappears.
You look around and notice the entire room is filled with vampires. Some are playing cards; others are drinking from bottles. One, a girl with a shaved head who looks to be in her late teens, notices you and points at you.
“Look who we have here,” she says. “The new kid on the block.

> You say “Allison, we’ve hit the jackpot. I’ll distract this lot, you put the music on”
“Got it,” she says, climbing the stairs.
The vampires ignore you as you stand in the doorway and watch them. Suddenly, one rises and walks over to you.
“Hey, pretty boy,” he smiles, licking his lips.
You stare at him and see him slowly lean in. Your nostrils flare as the smell of blood fills your nose.

> You say “er hi, can I have the girl from earlier instead of you?”
The vampire shrugs, and another takes his place. Soon, the entire room is focused on you. It’s a discomforting situation, but you’d be a fool to think that you’re not equipped to handle it.

> You say “Gentle Vampire folks, tonight I will sing you a song”
Soon, you find yourself in the middle of a circle of candles, holding your open notebook out, with a quiver of arrows at your side.

> You wait for Allison to put the music on.
As you wait, a woman walks into the room, dressed in a black dress, with a white ribbon tied around her waist. Her neck is covered with a long coat, which stops just below her chin, and gloves that extend halfway up her arms. She smiles at you, holding a long, ornate wooden staff, with a dragon’s head at the tip. Beside her, a man in a black cloak whispers into her ear. She nods, looking around the room. She spots you, staring at you intently.
“Hello,” she says, walking towards you. “I am Lady Varsakken.”

> You say “Pleased to meet you Lady Varsakken”
“The pleasure is all moi,” she replies, smiling. She holds out her hand, and you shake it. As you do so, you drop your quiver of arrows into her long dress.
“Thank you,” she says.
“Shouldn’t you be giving him a hard time?” the man asks, his head brushing against her shoulder as he speaks.
“I was doing that already,”

> You say “Oh yes, I am literally quivering, as you can see by my arrows on the floor”
The man smiles, before holding out his hand.
“My apologies, Sir Kit,” he says. “I am glad to meet you, Sir Kit, and welcome to our home.”

> You shake the man’s hand.
“Thank you, Count Grey,” you say. “I am sorry to have troubled you.”
He smiles, opening his mouth to say something else, when a small, dark figure rushes into the room. It’s eyes are completely white, and seem almost entirely instinct with. It’s fur is bristling, it’s teeth curved and ready to strike. It growls, staring at you. The man seems to recognize it, dropping his hand.
“Baron Sanguinius, this is Sir Kit, one of our newest Vampires,” he says.

> You say “Oh shit, is that what happened. I’m a vampire now?”
“No, Kit,” the Vampire smiles. “You’re still the same guy.”
The Vampire pauses, before shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head.
“Well, sort of,” he says.

Well fuck, I guess I’m a vampire now

> You say “do Ihave to do some sort of ritual?”
“No, but I was going to offer,” the Vampire says.
“Nah, I’m good thanks,” you say.
The Vampire smiles, nodding his head eagerly.

> You say “Where’s Allison?”
The Vampire pauses, frowning as he looks around.
“I’m sorry, where did she go?”
“She was standing here,” you reply. “You saw her along with the Count.”
The Vampire pauses, before turning around and walking towards the back of the room. Count Grey sighs, turning and walking after him.
“Come on, let’s find her,” he says.
You look around, before tapping Count Grey on the shoulder. He turns around, raising an eyebrow.
“You know where she went?” he asks.
“Not a clue,” you reply. “But I need to find her.” d
“Alright then, come with me,”
You follow Count Grey as he rushes through the mansion. He rushes through several halls and rooms, before pausing. He looks around, before grabbing you and looking around.
“She hasn’t gone far,” he says.
You look around desperately, before the Count points upwards. You spot Allison walking along one of the upper balconies. You quickly hurry up there, rushing along as quick as you can.
“Hey,” you call out to her.
Allison turns around, looking at you. Her eyes seem white once again, and her fangs descend into view.

> You say “Oh, you’re a vampire too now? Cool”
Allison smiles, walking along the railing towards you.
“Yep,” she replies.
“So, you like it here?” you ask.
“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this house,”

> You say “Is this what you wanted? To come and become a vampire?”
“I don’t know. I think so, yes,”
Allison frowns, leaning against the railing.

> You say “Nice plot twist”
“You don’t want to be here. You’re unhappy. You don’t have a clue about this lifestyle.”
“Ah, well I’m finding my feet,” she says.
“Look, I get that you’re all excited to suck my blood and gain dark powers, but this place is really not for you. I’m not joking.”
“I don’t care. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m happy. You’re happy. Shall we go and hunt some prey?
“Uh, no. I came here to relax. I don’t want to run around after a bunch of humans.”
“Please? Just for tonight? I could show you a good time. You’ve been so lonely. All I want is a bit of fun. We’ll go out, me and you, and just enjoy ourselves. You said yourself that I’ve been alone for too long. I feel like I’m missing out on life.”
“Allison, you know I…
“Please? Just this once?”

> You say “Ok fine, let’s go have fun”
“Great, let’s go,”
You grab your jacket, slipping after it and slinging it on. You walk along the balcony, jumping down to the garden below.

> You say “Wow, that should have hurt, but I guess vampires are pretty athletic”
“I need to be careful. If I seem too superhuman, I might cause a panic. I saw what happened last night. If I’m not actually a threat, people will attack me on sight,”
“I see,” you say.
“So listen, I need to get some blood from you, but it doesn’t have to be… too much. You can feed on me if you need to.”
“I thought I was to be sucking your blood? Not giving it,” you say.
“You can give as well as receive, you know. Just think of it as charity. You can take mine however is easiest. Just know I don’t require as much as a full vampire.”
“Fair enough. Um, where do you want me to bite?”
You stare at her for a second, before bursting out laughing.
“That’s… actually a really good point,” you say.
Allison stares at you for a second, before joining in your laughter. Suddenly, the two of you realize how ridiculous the situation is, and how close you’ve come to dying for no reason at all.
“Fuck it, let’s go tell someone!” you say.
Allison smiles, nodding.
“Just… don’t tell anyone about the vampirism bit, alright?” she asks.
“Promise,” you say.
— —
You stare out across the vast, open field. Twenty Hunters stand around the area, staring up at the sky. Shortly after sunrise, the Hunters begin their search. They’ll search every single area of the fields, forests, and roads nearby. If they find a vamp or Joachimite, they’ll make that sacrifice to summon reinforcements.

It seems at this point the AI decided to begin spinning an entirely new chapter with both me and Allison living as Vampires. So I’ll end it there.

Wow, what a plot twist, Allison was searching for vampires to join them all along, and up til this point I thought there would be some sort of backstory where she was out for revenge. Even I didn’t see the plot twist coming.

I think this run was decently successful, we stayed mostly on-plot, made emotional connections, and there was an excellent twist at the end. It was a shame we couldn’t explore the musical vampires aspect a bit more, clearly this AI had been trained on a lot of material involving vampires because it seemed to be able to spin lots of tales involving vampire-themed materials both with the player fighting them, and with the player as one.

I decide to continue this playthrough, that the AI started, but will present it in a different post.



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