I attempt to play a coherent story in AI Dungeon: Attempt 2.1, a vampire hunting adventure

The game decides I can’t find my way home, so I roll with it. And then the game decides that I should call Allison, a character who randomly appeared early on in the playthrough, though who was extremely cold to me. We got into a fight in a bathroom. Ok, I’ll roll with this and see where it goes. Will Allison warm up to me now in my moment of need? Let’s find out

“Tom” wasn’t my name in the playthrough, and I’ve never heard of “Ben”, but maybe I’m suffering memory loss right now

Haha funny, but I really need Allison’s help to get home here… come on AI stay with me

Ok, Allison thinks I’m a creepy stalker, as well she might, with me calling her up randomly and telling her I don’t remember where my home is

Here I’m surprised. I made up the name Red Ruby on the spot, and the AI has rolled with it, not only that but had me enter and order food, and as the next passages show, went along with Allison coming over to find me, not something I had expected the AI to coherently follow through on

This exchange is hilarious, there seems to be some conspiracy. Am I in the Truman show?

I don’t like how Allison isn’t explaining anything to me

This is the pivotal intro to our story: secret vampire society. It was never mentioned before until this point, but it’s too good of a hook to let be, so I decide this is the railroad I want to follow

I feel like it’s not going my way, so I try to force the issue a little

This sequence of events doesn’t make any sense, why would I call 911 right now? unless…

Allison! You screwed up!

Apparently she doesn’t like my driving

I loved this sequence, Allison’s deadpan “By one year” deliver, and how the AI is responding to me being deliberately annoying

Allison, I’m not sure you understand how a gas station works

Here I have to remind the AI that we’re going to New York, and what we’re there for. Without it, the AI tended to put me on an infinite road trip, which wasn’t as fun

This is a nice emotional connection moment, as our two characters bond. I next make a reference to my character earlier on in the story where I hung around the school not doing much

I try to divert the AI’s attention away from my character’s backstory, but it doesn’t work

I’m surprised the AI remembered about the bathroom fight. In the next few passages, the AI was on a roll, pulling up a whole backstory, I let it go on for a bit

Wow, musical vampires. Here if I didn’t stop the AI, it would continue at length about plans to find vampires with music, so I try to railroad it into moving things along with a “world” command instead of the usual “do” or “say” commands

“Breathtaking” by Drake?

Uh oh

Well fuck, I guess I’m a vampire now



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Yuan Gao (Meseta)

Yuan Gao (Meseta)

🤖 Build robots, code in python. Former Electrical Engineer 👨‍💻 Programmer, Chief Technology Officer 🏆 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Technology