GMCloud and GameMaker Part 1: Registering your Game

Step 1: Register for an Account

Go to and register for a user account. Once an account is obtained, go to Settings and turn on GameDev mode

Turn on GameDev mode from Settings

Step 2: Create a New Game

Once GameDev mode is on, a new GameDev page appears on the menu. In the GameDev page, you will be able to create a new game listing on GMCloud.

Click the big purple button that says on it the thing you want to do

Step 3: Find your API token

Upon completing the creation of the new game, you’re taken to the Game’s page (you can also access this page by clicking on your game, as they show up in your GameDev page).

Ignore the NOT CURRENTLY IMPLEMENTED comment, that’s just placeholder
  • Game ID: this is the unique ID of your game on GMCloud, it’s also part of the URL people can use to access the game’s details page. This ID stays with your game for ever and can’t be changed unless you create a new game.
  • Token ID & Token Secret: this is the access credentials your game can use to authenticate itself when communicating with GMCloud. You can generate multiple tokens, or revoke

Step 4: Import the GMCloud extension into your project

Go to the YoYo Games marketplace, locate and acquire the free GMCloud extension, and add it to your account. Then Download it and Import it into your project from My Library in GMS2.

An example of importing only the core components (non-demo items)

Step 5: Paste in your secrets

Open up the Objects>gmcloud_core>gmcloud_handler object, in the Create event, at the top of the code you will see an area for your secrets (Game ID, Token ID, and Token Secret) that you acquired in an earlier step. Paste those in now.

Secrets! Set your secrets here!

Step 6: Spawn an instance of gmcloud_handler

The gmcloud_handler is the only object you need to add to your game. It should be a persistent object, and there should only be one in existence at any time. The object handles interaction with GMCloud for you, and the gmcloud scripts all run in the context of gmcloud_handler.



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